Coalition Members are encouraged to participate in the growth and expansion of our organization. If you are interested in joining a Committee to help us improve our offerings and resources, please contact us by clicking here. Thank you!

 Executive Committee

  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Strategy

Conference Planning Committee

  • Plan Coalition Conference
  • Develop Agenda for Annual Meeting
  • Review Survey Feedback

Engagement Committees

  • Member Relations Committee
    • Acquisition, Assimilation and Retention of Members
    • Identify Strategic Alliances with Organizations
    • Create, Promote and Endorse Affiliate and Associate Membership Categories
  • Member Programming Committee
    • Monthly Webinars: connections and ideas for upcoming webinar topics and speakers
    • Monthly Newsletter: content suggestions, new member profiles, research articles, links, and summaries
    • The Well-Being Connector Podcast: connections and ideas for guests

Fundraising Committee

  • Identify prospective corporate sponsors, devise sponsorship
    packages, and work with staff and Board to develop relationships
  • Develop special events and other fundraising activities
  • Identify grants, collaborate, and provide feedback on proposals 

Promotion Committee

  • Promote Coalition Membership
  • Promote Coalition Conference Attendance
  • Promote Medicus Integra© Award

Research & Development Committee

  • Survey Current Literature
  • Compile Relevant Material for Retrieval
  • Develop Metrics for Assessment of Physician Well-Being Programs
  • Develop Medicus Integra©
  • Develop Books