Our Vision

To be widely recognized for leadership in promoting wholeness for physicians and engaging physicians in healing service for patients and communities.

  • We cultivate physician and administrative champions who are committed to our mission and vision.
  • We develop resources for institutional program development.
  • We provide consultation and facilitation for interested organizations.
  • We create opportunities for networking and shared learning.
  • We sponsor the Medicus Integra© award, designed to promote institutional commitment to physician well-being, and assess the degree to which candidate organizations demonstrate a documented investment of resources toward this end.
  • We sponsor an active website, a monthly educational webinar, and an annual meeting in pursuit of our goals and for the mutual benefit of our members.
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Medicus Integra© Award

Medicus Integra
The Medicus Integra© Award denotes formal recognition of hospitals and healthcare institutions that demonstrate significant, purposeful, ongoing 
commitment to the well-being of physicians.

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