Membership Benefits


The Coalition for Physician & APP Well-Being is more than just a professional group; we're a supportive community dedicated to enhancing the well-being and holistic health of our members. Dive deep into a resource-rich environment tailored for those passionate about physician and APP well-being.

Insightful Knowledge Access

  • Stay updated with comprehensive publications that delve into the intricate dimensions of physician and APP well-being. Engage with our monthly podcast, The Well-Being Connector, bringing together experts and innovators in healthcare and well-being.

Expansive Webinar Archive and Speaker Catalog

  • Elevate your knowledge with a vast collection of webinars, each designed to give you a cutting-edge perspective on pivotal topics related to both physicians and APPs. Speakers from our Webinars, Podcasts, and Conferences are all listed in a member-exclusive catalog.

Joy & Wholeness Summit

  • Join us for a transformative experience at our annual conference from July 24-26, 2024, set against the captivating backdrop of New Mexico. Enjoy a member-exclusive discount of $200, and immerse yourself in enriching sessions, workshops, and networking events. This is more than a summit; it's an educational journey for both physicians and APPs.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

  • Forge lasting connections with a diverse, vibrant community of professionals, ranging from healthcare administrators, physicians, APPs, coaches, to counselors and chaplains. Your next collaboration, mentor, or friend might just be a conversation away.


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Membership Prices

All of the following Memberships include a $200 discount on "early bird" attendee pricing for the 2024 Joy & Wholeness Summit. 

Physician Professional Membership - $300 annual
Comprehensive access tailored for Physician professionals who are dedicated to championing well-being in the healthcare sector.

​APP Professional Membership - $200 annual
Comprehensive access tailored for APP professionals who are dedicated to championing well-being in the healthcare sector.

GME Resident Membership - $150 annual
Designed with the GME resident in mind, enjoy all professional benefits at a special rate, reflecting our commitment to the future of healthcare.

Medical Student Membership - $50 annual
Get a head start in the world of physician and APP well-being with a package created exclusively for the leaders of tomorrow.

Organization Membership - $1,200 annual
For institutions that prioritize the well-being of their teams, from physicians to APPs. Includes privileges for an organization and four individual memberships.

Coalition Sponsorship Tiers

Bronze Sponsorship - $5,000

  • Associates & Memberships

    • Welcome up to 6 Organization Associates.

    • Empower up to 20 professionals, both physicians and APPs, with Individual Memberships.

Silver Sponsorship - $10,000

  • Associates & Memberships:

    • Engage with up to 12 Organization Associates.

    • Extend benefits to up to 40 physicians and APPs for a well-rounded team experience.

Gold Sponsorship - $25,000

  • Associates & Memberships:

    • Elevate your organization with up to 30 Organization Associates.

    • Expand your reach with up to 100 memberships, enriching both physicians and APPs in your community.  

Platinum Sponsorship - $50,000

  • Associates & Memberships:

    • Amplify your impact with up to 60 Organization Associates.

    • Establish a robust network with up to 225 memberships for both physicians and APPs, catalyzing collaborative growth.


Each tier is meticulously crafted to provide sponsors with unparalleled benefits, ensuring a synergistic relationship that champions the well-being of both physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs). Engage, empower, and elevate with The Coalition for Physician Well-Being.