Turning our Focus from Burnout to Well-Being


In 2004, a small group of individuals interested in the well-being of physicians met to discuss their observations and concerns about the fact that their colleagues were becoming disillusioned in ways previously unrecognized. They also hoped to uncover possible interventions to help allay this growing trend characterized by a sense of futility, decreased collegiality, and the erosion of traditional support systems in hospitals and physician communities. 

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Statement on National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

Serving as a physician and being entrusted to help bring healing and hope to patients, and in some cases entire communities, is an unbelievable privilege and calling. Unfortunately, many of our medical professionals suffer in a place of deep despair that ultimately jeopardizes their life and personal well-being. 
Today, on National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, and every day, the Coalition for Physician Well-Being stands in support of physicians and health care professionals who may be in their darkest times. We urge anyone struggling with mental health emergencies to please seek help immediately. We call upon our professional colleagues to be vigilant for signs and symptoms of depression and suicide risk within our ranks and come alongside those in danger to provide support and encourage necessary interventions.
We all play a part in building and sustaining a culture of well-being for physicians. We as the medical community, and society as a whole, must continue to raise awareness of issues that negatively impact the health and wellness of practitioners, while also investing in resources that foster purpose and fulfillment. In doing so, we believe not only that lives will be saved, but more physicians will live in the wholeness and abundance they strive to cultivate for their patients. 

Burnout, mental health top agenda at the Coalition for Physician Well-Being’s annual conference

For years, burnout, depression and various mental health issues have become more prevalent among health care professionals. The ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated these concerns. In fact, Medscape’s Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2022 reveals that 47% of physicians say they are burned out, up from 42% last year. While many organizations and experts are working to develop and deploy resources and programs geared toward preventing and mitigating burnout, there is more work to be done.

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Thanks for making the 2022 Joy & Wholeness Summit a SUCCESS – Save the Date for the 2023 conference

The Coalition for Physician Well-Being would like to thank you for attending our 12th annual conference – the Joy & Wholeness Summit – in Denver! Its’ clear that this year’s gathering was our biggest and best yet!

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