Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

Among the most common, perennial New Year’s Resolutions are:

Exercise more.
Lose weight.
Save money.

So we join the gym, cut out the dessert, and limit our credit card spending. For a few weeks. Little by little, old familiar habits ease their way back into our routine. At least we tried. And we won’t have to face “resolution time” again for several more months.

As we think about resolutions for 2023, it may be helpful to consider commitments that benefit both ourselves and others in real and tangible ways, such as:

Show compassion.
Be generous.
Express gratitude for family, friends, and faith.

Each of these practices pay rich personal dividends far exceeding the investment, and may even help us fulfill those other top three common resolutions!

Ted Hamilton, MD
Chairman and Senior Advisor
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