Why Do We Recognize Doctors' Day?

There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. There’s Independence Day, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day and many more named special days – perhaps not so well known, but nevertheless important to those who are honored and remembered on their special day.

Doctors' Day is one of those lesser-known special days. Why recognize Doctors' Day anyway? Why is it worth remembering? What difference does it make to the approximately 850,000 practicing physicians and providers who are showing up for work today around the country?

What difference does it make to us? Why should we care?

A smattering of reasons to care and perhaps share with “my doctor”:

Doctors are there at both margins of life--our birth and our passing.

Doctors are tasked with telling us our news—good or bad.

Doctors know us—inside and out—perhaps better than anyone else.

Doctors care for us—taking our calls—day, night, weekends, and holidays.

Doctors devote their life and skills to our well-being, illness, and recovery.

Perhaps you have a better, more comprehensive, more personal, list of moments and memories for which to express your appreciation to your doctor.

Doctors' Day is a good day to say, “Thanks, I appreciate you, Doc.”

Ted Hamilton, MD
Chairman and Senior Advisor

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