July 2022
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Pennie Sempell, JD
Paul Chelminski, MD
Division Director and Clinical Professor, Physician Assistant Program
University of North Carolina School of Medicine


Charts to Navigate the Challenging Conversations We Face in Well-Being

The time-pressured existence of physicians does not always prepare us well for the painstaking conversations we must have to engage our institutions in meaningful change that promote well-being. So much of our communication is directive. We are encouraged to be decisive. Patients and other health care professionals often rely on us for “the last word” even when there is uncertainty. This “commanding” style of communication often serves us well in clinical interactions. It can be less effective when we advocate with the diverse stakeholders in our complex practice environments where multiple interests are at play. It may even backfire. This webinar will review the fundamentals of effective communication and offer some tools to help us navigate the challenging conversations we face in well-being.
About the Speaker
Dr. Paul Chelminski is a professor of medicine and an experienced educator of medical students and resident physicians at the UNC School of Medicine. Since 2001, Dr. Chelminski has practiced primary care in the UNC Internal Medicine Clinic. This clinic is recognized nationally for the high quality team-based care that it provides to patients with chronic illnesses. He has extensive experience in collaborative practice with physician assistants, clinical pharmacists, and nurse practitioners. In this setting, he has been engaged in inter-professional education and mentorship as well.
Prepare for the 2022 Joy & Wholeness Summit! – July 27-29, 2022
We are just under three weeks away from our 12th Annual Conference – the 2022 Joy & Wholeness Summit!
We sent an email on Wednesday, July 6 with everything you need to ensure that your experience in Denver this year is refreshing and enjoyable. Be sure to register for the conference and secure your lodging accommodations as soon as possible. We can't wait to see you all very soon!
On this month's episode of The Well-Being Connector Podcast...
Season 2, Episode 12
July 5, 2022
Omayra Mansfield, MD
About the Speaker
Dr. Omayra Mansfield serves as Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for AdventHealth Apopka, and she is also the Chief Medical Officer for the Physician Experience of the Central Florida Division of AdventHealth. She is Board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and a Fellow with the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Mansfield completed her medical degree and Masters in Healthcare Administration at the University of Florida and her emergency medicine residency at Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina.
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In the News
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Tulsa gunman blamed doctor for back pain, police say

This story received a great deal of attention, and I suspect many doctors and their families took note of the fact that a disgruntled patient shot his doctor. Will this story increase the fear that doctors might have of being shot by their patients? What will health systems need to do to minimize the risks and fears? 
Burned Out by Covid and 80-Hour Workweeks, Resident Physicians Unionize

1 in 7 resident physicians are in a union, and in the past couple of years, there has been signs of an increased interest in forming new union chapters. 
“I was ready to walk away:” One physician’s journey to rediscovering his passion for emergency medicine

One physician describes his experience with burnout during the pandemic and the path he took to recover. 
The subjective nature of residency training programs opens them up to potential bias and discrimination. According to this two-part series of articles, elite surgical training programs are particular prone to being unfair to black doctors in training.
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The researchers describe their study of 15,000 employees in mostly not healthcare organizations around the word. Their major finding is "In all 15 countries and across all dimensions assessed, toxic workplace behavior had the biggest impact predicting burnout symptoms and intent to leave, by a large margin." 
This meta-analysis studied factors associated with job stress among hospital nurses. 
This survey of 1627 physician mothers demonstrated that experiencing sexual harassment strongly predicts emotional exhaustion and depersonalization but reflecting on social connectedness can have a somewhat mitigating effect. 
This survey of 839 female medical providers demonstrates a large gap between providers who have access to daycare services (7%) and those who desired it (76%). It also examined other factors that affect how supported female physicians feel at work.
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Addressing Health Worker Burnout: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory for Building a Thriving Health Workforce

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses has a number of resources targeted toward helping nurses. 
Quint Studer is sharing these free resources as part of the The Gratitude Group: 
Well-Being Video: https://lnkd.in/epA3ww94
Well-Being Tool Kit and Handbook: https://lnkd.in/eu-BPgHH 
"This descriptive literature-based treatise expounds on the underlying causality for physician burnout, its consequences for the healthcare workforce in the US, and provides individual- and institution-based solutions for its mitigation."
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