May 2022
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Pennie Sempell, JD

Ted Hamilton, MD

Chairman, The Coalition for Physician Well-Being



Medicus Integra: Healthy Organizational Cultures Committed to Physician Well-Being

Journey with one of the founders of the Coalition for Physician Well-Being in tracing the story of our ground-breaking work over the past two decades. Understand the purpose for which the Coalition was created, and the resources, research, and collaboration that have contributed to our growth and success. Hear our vision as the Coalition grows and supports healthcare systems and physician groups develop a successful well-being program using the Medicus Integra model.

Join the conversation as we learn together how to use these principles to develop a robust program to enhance the well-being of physicians and clinical teams.

About the Speaker

Ted Hamilton is Chief Mission Integration Officer and Senior Vice President of Mission and Ministry for AdventHealth and Board Chairman of the Coalition for Physician Well-Being. In his role at AdventHealth, he provides direction and oversight of Mission and Ministry, developing and implementing strategy and incorporating mission across all the organization’s inpatient and outpatient areas. As Board Chairman of the Coalition for Physician Well-Being, he leads in directing the mission and vision in support of physician well-being nationally to all healthcare organizations. Read more
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On this month's episode of The Well-Being Connector Podcast...
Season 2, Episode 10
May 1, 2022
Christine Porath, PhD

About the Speaker

Dr. Christine Porath is a tenured professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.  She’s the author of three books: Mastering Community, Mastering Civility, and The Cost of Bad Behavior. Christine is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and has written articles for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, McKinsey Quarterly, and Washington Post.
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In the News

Why Nurses Are Raging and Quitting After the RaDonda Vaught Verdict

This legal case is getting a great deal of attention and it is worth knowing about. Read more

AdventHealth launches first orchestra

MSN tells the story of the AdventHealth Orchestra. The orchestra brought together clinicians who performed to honor those lost during the pandemic. Read more

Betrayal, guilt, shame: Trauma among health care workers comparable to that of combat vets

NBC discusses the moral injury experienced by healthcare providers. Read more

Two years in: The pandemic through the eyes of a health care worker’s spouse

This article is a wife's perspective on being married to a physician caring for COVID-19 patients. Read more

Doctors Face a Stigma Against Seeking Mental Health Care

This opinion piece from the New York Times explains why doctors still find it hard to seek mental health care. Read more (You will need a subscription to read this article.)

Primary care is on life support

This article from the Boston Globe reviews the state the primary care finds itself in. Read more (You will need a subscription to read this article.)


*You may need a subscription to read some of these articles.*

Patterns of Potential Moral Injury in Post-9/11 Combat Veterans and COVID-19 Healthcare Workers

This cross-sectional study of 618 combat veteran and 2099 healthcare workers found about half of participants from both groups were often disturbed by immoral acts they observed or by their own actions the violated their morals. These moral injuries correlated with greater depressive symptoms and more evidence of burnout. Read more

Relationship Between Physician Burnout And The Quality And Cost Of Care For Medicare Beneficiaries Is Complex

This study demonstrates a correlation between the tendency of providers to be experiencing burnout and those providers having better patient outcomes. This can be misinterpreted in various ways, and you may come across a story about this article claiming physician burnout is good for patient care. That conclusion is consistent with the data, but it is hardly the only possibility. For now, I personally prefer to interpret the results of this study as follows: in a dysfunctional health system, great patient care too often requires an extreme overexertion by clinicians. We should work to improve our health systems so that all patients can get the highest quality care without physicians feeling obligated to sacrifice themselves. As with all articles based on correlation, care should be taken in accepting any conclusion beyond what the data truly proves. Read more

Medical Documentation Burden Among US Office-Based Physicians in 2019 A National Study

These authors analyzed responses of office-based physician to the 2019 National Electronic Health Records Survey to better understand the burden of medical documentation. Read more

"I love the job…" Thriving in nursing: A qualitative interview study with framework analysis

With all the work being done to reduce burnout, it was nice to find this small study that uses systematic qualitative interviews to help better understand how to promote thriving. Read more

Multispecialty Physician Online Survey Reveals That Burnout Related to Adverse Event Involvement May Be Mitigated by Peer Support

Surveys of physicians who are part of the networking platform Doximity imply that  peer support immediately after an adverse event may a be appreciated by physicians and protective from burnout. Read more

Do physicians with academic affiliation have lower burnout and higher career-related satisfaction?

The authors survey results from data on 6000 practicing physicians who responded to the U.S. from the Association of American Medical College’s (AAMC) 2019 National Sample Survey of Physicians. They found academic physicians have a lower rate of burnout, and they propose that protecting physician time for academic activities such as teaching might contribute to protecting physicians from burnout. Read more

Vital Signs: The Campaign to Prevent Physician Suicide

The Physician's Foundation provides supporting materials for planning for and participating in National Physicians Suicide Awareness Day (September 17th, 2022). Read more

Supporting Health Care Workers to Address Misinformation on Social Media

The article offers ideas for combatting on-line misinformation and for supporting those clinicians who might get attacked for publicly communicating generally accepted medical information. Read more
New Resources from The Coalition for Physician Well-Being

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As an added benefit of Coalition Membership, all Virtual Learning Center modules are available FREE OF COST for current Members.

Non-Members may still utilize the entire VLC library for $35 per CME credit. Want to become a member? Click here to learn more about member benefits and pricing.
The Healer
Peace, Prayers, and Promises
Ted Hamilton, MD, MBA
Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis
Defusing Burnout, Building Resilience, Restoring Hope
Ted Hamilton, MD, MBA
Dianne McCallister, MD, MBA
DeAnna Santana-Cebollero, PhD

Access timely, thought-provoking literature from leaders in physician well-being and engagement. Our two latest featured publications, The Healer, by Dr. Ted Hamilton, and the Coalition's new book, Physician Well-Being During Sustained Crisis, are available now on our website.

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